MyOwnArtGallery - The worldwide system to exhibit and sell artworks in a 3D world.

Original paintings - Single artworks with authenticity certificate
Framed photographies - Limited edition based on 30 pieces with authenticity certificate

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MyOwnArtGallery (MOAG) is an online 3D art gallery network that allows artists to exhibit and sell their creations.

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MOAG Artists

Magnify your place with artworks by emerging and established artists. Enjoy a unique experience with 3D.

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Order your cravings

Order a personalized artworks to our artist in line woth your will. All creation delivered this way are unique pieces.

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What is My Own Art Gallery?

3D art galleries

Art has to be reachable by anyone. Lots of creators deserve to be famous. MyOwnArtGallery allows artists to exhibit in a 3D art gallery and sale directly their creations to buyers.

The Art world initiates its digital transformation because art lovers' habits have changed. MyOwnArtGallery represents the logical and virtual extension of the physical gallery exhibition, not to replace it, but to complete it.

"MyOwnArtGallery is such a synonym as quality and diversity."
P. Silva - Art Collector

Art is a strength, the Virtual is an opportunity

Art has to be discovered, understood and appreciated. In an Art gallery, the order of artworks tells a story. The commented art pieces are exhibited to create a coherent roaming that let you understand the artist's reasoning.

The MyOwnArtGallery 3D art galleries are multimedia galleries that recreate this exhibition logic . It's now possible to meet artworks at home thanks to the virtual tour. 3D environment allows future buyers to test different artworks format on a generic wall before to buy pieces.


To magnify your home or to invest into Art, MyOwnArtGallery helps you to find the art piece that you will love.

  • 5 working days delivery
  • Secured payment + pay in 3 times without fees
  • Test artworks format on a generic & customizable wall
  • Order a personalized artwork to artist
  • all creation on MyOwnArtGallery are art pieces (with their authenticity certificate)


Exhibit and sell your artworks online and access a worldwide buyers network.

  • Register for free
  • Exhibit for free
  • 30% as sale commission
  • Choose the 3D gallery environment you want
  • Stock down your artworks with our Art private sales
  • Reach worldwide buyers

MyOwnArtGallery key values

1 original

All paintings on MOAG are certified art piece.

30 Copies

All photographs are art piece, as just 30 copies of them will be edited.

3 Times

You fall in love with an artwork? You can pay in 3 times without additional charge.

5 Days

MyOwnArtGallery do its best to deliver your order in 5 (working) days.

Our artist create your artistical will.

You discovered our artists, some please you but did not realize the art piece of your dreams? Ask for a presonalized creation.

Fill the form just bellow and your ask will be transmit to one or several artists. A global price valuation will be made and delivered to you within 5 working days. It's up to you to accept or not, even to make a counter proposition for 1 month. Once the agreement is singned and the price payed on MOAG, the choosen artist will create your artwork which will be delivered at your place.

Thank you to send your ask by filling our contact form with the choosen "Order an artwork" topic.

"I received the artwork that met my expectations!"
M. Metzger

MyOwnArtGallery Partners & Friends.

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